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Acknowledgements: The wedding and the party was wonderful and unforgettable for us ! We hope (and think) you also had a good time !  We  would like to thank our great guests for this, in particular those who invested quite some time and energy helping us in various ways. We already mentioned some of those at the party, but we forgot to mention others in the heat of the battle. That is why we would like to do it again in all completeness (hopefully) and arbitrary order:

We full-heartedly thank...

... our friends Sophia and Florian (David's best man). They supported us in almost every phase of the planing and they came up with a very funny small L&D-quiz that in the end did not make it on stage due to our time mismanagement. Knowing this funny quiz in our back-pocket was a relief for us nevertheless - we invite you to have a look at it at this dropbox-link . You can ask us for the correct solution, or you can wait until we provide them here after a certain while. 

... our friend Andreas ("Balzi") who set up this very easy to maintain and aesthetical web page in no time and on short notice.  We can only recommend to contact him via www.balzlab.de in case you ever need to have set-up a well designed web-page in a fast and reliable manner. (Also Apps for mobile phone and such online IT-stuff...)

... Luisa's uncle Knut who unfortunately could not make it to the wedding, but who wrote the funny L&D - poem  that Eduardo (Luisa's brother und bride man) presented so well.

...David's uncle Hermann who (probably with the help of his Grubers) wrote us and presented an L&D - fairy tale, and who proved to us that Swabian was the first of all human languages (a hypothesis that comes to mind to every non-Swabian first setting foot on Swabian soil - especially if this soil hus just been swept for 'Kehrwoche').

... Luisa's brother Eduardo, and her parents Jose and Theresia, who photographed and E-mailed Luisa's childhood photosfrom Chile, who were very hands-on with the table decoration,  and who carried the traditional Chilean "cowboy" (Huaso) gear in which the first two performed the Cueca dance together with Luisa and her good friend Monica.

... David's brother and sister-in-law Simon and Eve, who took care of the entire organisation of the catering for directly after the wedding ceremony in Dingelsdorf - this was an incredible relief for us the bride and groom to know it stowed away in good hands - and we also thank Davids parents Rosi and Volker, who digitalized with Simon's help a huge amount of David's childhood photos that we then used for the table decoration together with Luisas pictures.

... Our friends Monica and Leonardo, who had a lot of nice ideas for the wedding, and who prepared and transported the original Chilean Empanadas that we had at the Pisco-Sour reception in the early evening at the Rhein. On top of that, as mentioned before, Monica completed the dancing ensemble for the 'Cueca'.

... David's aunt Gabi, who brought along her champagne glasses for the reception in Dingelsdorf after the wedding ceremony, and who also recalled what David told her as a little boy when she married her husband Gereon: "When I will ever marry, I want you to give me a car as a present... or an ash-tray would also be ok."...  fyi, David got the ashtray, not the car ;-)

... Luisa's cousin Sabina, who supported us as a learned graphic designer in making the nice wedding invitations, and who also invested her skills as a learned cook and baked us the very tasty and very Austrian tiny Poppy-seed cakes that she took along to the recption in Dingelsdorf.

... David's uncle Gereon (Gabi's earlier mentioned husband), who - with the help of his daughter Hannah and her boyfriend Karl - was the best possible wedding photographer. He surprised us with the cute idea of projecting  pictures from the wedding ceremony at the wall in the Stromeyer, and on top of that, those three (or 4) also must have carried along some sort of photo-printer, since they started this nice form of a guest book were you could write something next to your pictures taken earlier that evening!

... Luisa's cousin Gabi, who brought along from Chile the pulp of the Lucuma fruit which is almost impossible to find in Europe. This was then used by the conditor (who totally coincidentally turned out to be the wife of the very funny and dedicated Dingelsdorf mayor who married us) for the Lucuma-cream-cake.

+++ the End +++